Local Coupons and Deals in Vancouver and Victoria, BC

Why Sign Up for Groupon Calgary?

Groupon is the latest and greatest saving phenomenon in the Calgary, Alberta (AB) area. This social shopping service saves users a ton of money, while allowing them to try new products and services in the area. The idea is based on the concept of group purchasing, which provides bargaining power. In the case of Groupon, you are e-mailed a killer deal every day. The minimum savings is 50%, but some deals have yielded savings of up to 90%. Better yet, you’re able to buy locally and help support local businesses.

The types of business signing up to promote on Groupon Calgary include gyms, spas, restaurants, and lifestyle companies. Personally, I’ve been using Groupon for a couple months now, and I’ve saved a ton and purchased some very cool coupons. Purchasing and using Groupons is really simple, and the website and experience are exceptional.

How much does it cost to sign up? Zero. It’s free to sign up and unsatisfactory purchases are refunded 100%. No questions asked. I would highly recommend Groupon. You’ve probably already heard the hype anyways. I’m also a big fan on the iPhone app. It’s great, and you don’t have to deal with printing out coupons. To learn more about Groupon and sign up, visit the Groupon Calgary site!

Let me know what you think of Groupon!…

Best Breakfast in Victoria, BC – Top 5 Breakfast restaurants

breakfast club

Breakfast club, breakfast in Victoria BC, best restaurants for breakfast in Victoria BC

Top 5 breakfast restaurants in Victoria, BC:

  1. Lady Marmalade
  2. Swan’s Pub
  3. John’s Place
  4. Heron Rock Bistro
  5. Cabin 12 [Read the rest of this entry…]

What is Couvon?

Couvon - Local Deals and Coupons in Victoria, BCCouvon is a service that provides daily deals and coupons for businesses in the Victoria, BC area. Similar to Groupon and some of the other social shopping services, Couvon offers huge discounts on local products and services, saving users 50% or more.

I’ve been using Couvon for a little while now, and I’ve been impressed by most of the offerings. Local Victoria deals on restaurants, fitness clubs, spas, clothing stores, and lifestyle activities have filled my inbox. The wide variety of offerings and the steep discounts make for an unbeatable combination.

The purchasing process is similar to Groupon, and the system is seamless. As mentioned you receive deals via e-mails, and you can choose to purchase or not. It’s that simple. There is no cost to sign up, and you can accumulate Couvon credits if you get friends to sign up!

Check it out and start saving today – Couvon, Victoria BC

Groupon Vancouver, BC – Local Deals and Coupons

Groupon Vancouver BC is the newest and easiest way to save money and purchase great products in the local Vancouver area. Groupon is your source for amazing local deals and coupons – on a daily basis! Each day, a new, spectacular deal will be sent to your inbox. These deals range in savings from 50%-90%! And better yet, you’re saving AND buying locally. Try new stores/restaraunts across Vancouver or save at an old favourite.

I’ve personally been using Groupon for a few months now, and I’ve become a big fan. The concept is simple, and purchasing is just as easy. Your credit card is stored on file, so every time you log in, you simply have to push “Buy” to purchase the daily Groupon. No fumbling or searching for credit cards every time.

There is no cost to sign up, and coupons start arriving immediately. Here’s the real kicker: if you’re ever in the least bit unsatisfied with your purchase, Groupon will completely refund you with no hassle. That’s pretty rare these days.

Participating organizations include gyms, restaurants, online stores, spas, and local specialty stores. I’ve already saved a bundle and I’ve had the opportunity to experience some great new places. I also use the iPhone app which is great. To learn more about Groupon and sign up, visit the Groupon Vancouver site!

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Groupon Victoria – Local Deals and Coupons in Victoria, BC

Groupon Victoria BC is a great place to find unbelievable local deals and coupons on a daily basis for products and services in the greater Victoria region. The site produces a daily deal that saves the consumer 50%+ off the regular price.

As opposed to online stores, consumers flock to Groupon Victoria as they’re able to recognize and support local businesses. This is one of the main drivers behind Groupon’s meteoric rise to fame. Providing a solid product/service and incorporating savings via a deal or coupon is definitely a great value proposition. Example establishments include restaurants, gyms, spas, and other lifestyle companies.

I personally use Groupon Victoria, and I’ve saved a bunch. I get e-mails on a daily basis and I also use the iPhone app. To learn more about Groupon and sign up, visit the Groupon Victoria site!

Please let me know how your experience with Groupon goes by leaving a comment :)

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